As a specialist in residential decontamination in Montreal, Laval, Montérégie, the Laurentians and Lanaudière, Espace RenoVert helps you to make your home safe and comfortable for your family.

Regardless of the type of contaminant – mold due to excessively high humidity levels or water infiltration, vermiculite in the attic, presence of asbestos in the attic or in the walls – our decontamination team ensures that the area is safely cleaned up and corrects problems at their source. Our remediation techniques guarantee that all precautions are taken to avoid any spread of contamination to the rest of the house.

Decontamination services in Montreal and Laval

Request a free diagnosis and one of our advisors will visit you for a personal inspection of your home to draft a detailed decontamination plan that ensures the work is done properly and your family is safe from harm. Don’t wait for the situation to get worse, call us at 1-844-242-7494.

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Our removal and decontamination services

Are you thinking of purchasing a home that was built before 1990 and/or do you notice signs of humidity in the home (condensation along the bottom of walls, black spots, waterlogged materials, etc.)? It is highly likely that a decontamination of the area is required. Select one of our decontamination services below to learn more:

Do you suspect that decontamination is required? Ask our home decontamination experts for a free evaluation by calling: 1-844-242-7494.

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Removal and decontamination services – Service area:

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Financing, subsidies and tax credits

A residential decontamination project is rarely the type of project budgeted for. We certainly know this, and that is precisely why Roofing, insulation & decontamination Espace RenoVert offers you financing solutions in addition to working with you to help you access the eligible government funding. Do you want to know which programs apply to your decontamination project? Contact one of our specialists at 1-844-242-7494.

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